Do you ever wonder what your purpose is, or if you even have one? I know to some it may sound silly, And others will probably totally relate. But to some people the thought often occurs, “What’s my purpose?” “What’s my reason for being here?” The reason we get these thoughts is because we DO have a purpose. We DO have a reason.

But, what is this reason? Some people know exactly what they wanna do or wanna be in life, others have ideas but never step into them. Our purpose, right here and right now is to live out where you are, live in the moment. Do what you are doing with gratitude and joy. Be thankful for the here and now. If something needs to change in your life, trust God with that.

We are chosen by God, for God. We have amazing purposes! Amazing reasons! We may not see the here and now as beneficial, or purposeful. But, we are supposed to embrace where God has placed us here and now, we are supposed to see the good, bright side! So, be thankful, be hopeful. Our lives are a gift, each of us have a purpose, a reason. Some people may seem to have bigger, better purposes. But just because it seems better doesn’t mean anything. Each purpose is special and powerful in its own way.

Begin to see your life in a new perspective, you are here for a reason. You are probably doing more than you realize. You were made uniquely, and special just the way you are. And your life is beautiful.

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