Be Free

Do you ever feel guilt ridden over something silly? Or over something that is simply in the past? I can, and I do. But let me tell you about the freedom I found.

Some days I mess up. I do something wrong, I screw it. Does this mean that I am a TERRIBLE person? Nah, not at all! But if I sit in the shame it most definitely makes you feel that way. You can hear voices of disappointment, “You always mess it up!” “You never do anything right!” “You are a failure.”

These things are the shame, the fear, the embarrassment and disappointment in your ear. But, in all honesty does it mean it’s true? Does it mean it defines our worth?….. Absolutely not! Well how do I know this? Well….. Jesus went and died on a cross so all sin could be wiped away when we repent. All fear could be wiped away, when we ask. All disappointment in ourselves could be forgiven, if we just ask. So this means…. No matter how big or small the issue, Jesus can renew it. When we see that as a truth and not just a sermon or teaching, I believe mindsets will change and fear of disappointment will disappear.

If we learn to receive forgiveness it will help us not only keep going with stronger, wiser intentions. But with thankfulness that we have a King who lets us off the hook more than we deserve. We can keep going, we can let Gods forgiveness have the final say. I love that! It is so freeing and amazing! I’m still on this journey of accepting that His grace is sufficient. But I’m learning and am amazed at the beauty of it! See today as an opportunity to let go of shame, and walk forward with wiser intentions. BE FREE!

(I decided to start putting either something silly or a fun fact in after each blog post….And since Thanksgiving is this month…)

Fun Fact: Did you know that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s first meal after walking on the moon in space was, foil packets with roasted turkey?

Haha, thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Be Free”

  1. Omg that was so touching I really needed that thank you after all it is the month of thanks giving and the message just really touched my heart thank you. 😌🙏💓.

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