Alrighty y’all, its time I be really honest about something.

The reason I haven’t released a new blog in awhile is because I have felt so much embarrassment and shame over my writing and over just, me in general. I know it might sound crazy and dumb but the truth is I LOVE to write but I struggle with shame over who I am or what I do. Why? well, I’m not exactly sure but I do know its probably because this is something God has created me for. A lot of times the hardest things are something we are made to do. The enemy fights us in those areas the worst because he knows we are strong in those areas, we just got to keep going and keep believing it WILL get easier! Our battles in life are all gonna look different, but at the end of the day if you never fight for your true potential and calling you will never get to it. We have to go after that and ask God to help us keep going and stay strong in his goodness for our lives. God fights for us and if we declare good and positive things over our situations like, ” I am coming out of this better than ever!” or, “I can do this!” “God is helping me overcome this!” I believe It will tremendously help with your confidence and success over time! I’ve always dealt with this shame that tries to rob all the fun, all the joy and all the life, I am becoming more free from it and its definitely been something that hasn’t been easy for me. I’ve written the blogs to post and just left them as drafts because I was embarrassed of what I wrote. I am learning to not give up and to go further into what I know I was made for. It hasn’t been all lullabies and rainbows, but at the end of the day I WILL gain my victory in the fact that, I can do it. I was made for more than quitting. I am strong. I am confident, and Jesus has my very best interest in mind!!!

Don’t let your fears hold you back, don’t let what others think hold you back. You were made to be the best version of yourself possible!!! Go after what you know is right, go after whatever it is God puts in your heart, pursue after the things that you are made for, you can do anything with God by your side. Don’t be scared to chase down your dreams, don’t worry if other people laugh. Sometimes we think we know what some person is thinking about us, but in all reality we probably have no clue what they are thinking, so don’t let other peoples negative vibes scare you from becoming the best version of yourself possible!!! You can do this! Love your journey in the place you are at in this very moment, but also never give up believing in yourself, the battle is not all on you to fight, Gods fights with us and for us, so believe in him to do just that for you! Your life is made to be beautiful<3

8 thoughts on “NO MORE Shame”

  1. Beautifully said in every way!! I am proud of the young woman you are becoming and how you aren’t backing down. You are beautiful inside and out!!!❤️

  2. Mercy dear,
    You are a powerful writer and a breaker open for so many others. Keep going girl!!! I am so proud of you!!!!

  3. I love to read what you write, Mercy!!! It’s always full of truth & power!! So glad you are pushing through, you will gain full victory!! I’m proud of you & love you too!!!

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