With it being the New Year I thought…. What better thing to write about than scheduling and planning your days. I’m one of those people who like to be spontaneous and kinda go with the flow, but over time I have realized that when I don’t sorta-kinda organize or make a plan for the day, simply said…. I suck to get things done!

Planning your day or week helps you feel more organized and productive:) which is obviously important. Sometimes, I struggle to know HOW to plan. But… With the help of my parents I have learned some things that might also help you! Here is some tips in what has helped me, 1. Write down your goals, this is crucial to becoming productive unless you just have a brain that can remember every detail and keep things organized. 2. Be consistent, trying for one day and succeeding doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way, you have to be consistent and not give up to easily. 3. Make 2 or 3 big goals per week, for instance your goals should be something that feels important to you and like a real accomplishment when finished. 4. Keep yourself motivated, this kinda goes back to being consistent but motivation is keeping hopes high, and believing in yourself! Listen to music that makes you excited or happy and don’t be afraid of who you are. Embrace what you love and who God created you to be. Its beautiful when everyone can love their own uniqueness. Some people love to dance (like myself) others love to write music or play an instrument, maybe read a book, and doing exercise is fun to some!

If you can work to incorporate these things that are important to you into your life while also being productive I’m sure life will be more exciting and when you can’t do these things physically think about the things you have that are a blessing. Think on positive and good things! Know that You are loved unconditionally by the King Of The Universe! Your life was made to be beautiful<3

2 thoughts on “IT’S THE NEW YEAR!”

  1. Yes, Mercy! so good. We cannot stay stationary and quit moving forward. Jesus is victory and moving forward with Him is our victory!! Thank you for writing!!

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