It is soooo hard to admit that you’re wrong sometimes, its real easy to want to just ignore the fact that you could possibly be wrong and just say that, you’re right. It makes sense doesn’t it? to always want to be correct.

I think the main reason it can be so difficult to admit that you are wrong is because of how you feel about yourself, if you have low self esteem a lot of times you will do anything and everything just to try and make yourself feel better or feel, right. So we wanna be correct, we wanna be right, we wanna have the answers, we wanna find worth in all that we know. Another reason is because you feel sooooo confident, secure and good about yourself that you have pride, you think you know everything, you have all the answers.

The truth is though that your worth and value is NOT found in what you can do or what you know. Its found in the fact that God made you, so therefore you are WORTH it, you are worth something, you are valuable. Everything God makes comes to earth for a reason, with a value and a worth, with a purpose and a destiny.

When you are in a situation where you don’t wanna see from the other persons point of view you are actually hurting yourself, hurting that other person and hurting the relationship. If we can start to have some humility to where we see from all points of view and try to understand, and then we can explain where we are coming from, this could help with lots of things when we quit allowing our worth to be defined by being right all the time. Having humility, and admitting you were wrong is hard, I’m not saying I’m all perfect and full of humility but I try to be humble and say I’m sorry or admit I was wrong. I’m not perfect in it but the more you practice being this way the easier it will become! Everyone is different, everybody thinks different. Sometimes in a situation we perceive things wrong, (for instance) just because that lady was looking at you like she hated you does not mean she was thinking that, sometimes we don’t know what our face is looking like, sometimes we are lost in thought and not even paying attention to that person when they think we are. The same sort of thing goes for not being willing to admit you were wrong or not wanting to hear out the other person, sometimes we take things the wrong way, Its okay to admit you were wrong, its okay to also be right sometimes, but there’s a place where YOU have to be the person to step lower and be humble, to show some integrity. Your life was made to be beautiful<3

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  1. So Good Mercy, could call this a word of wisdom. Think Solomon would have liked it for his proverbs. Keep writing, love it!!

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